How to Have the Talk: Telling Your Partner about Genital Herpes

Do you find it difficult to tell the truth to your partner about genital herpes? You have to tell your partner about herpes, but pick the right time to explain it to your partner. There is a hope that your partner will know about herpes at the right time, and it will make everything OK.

Just imagine how your partner will get this news. Do you wish him to get a huge shock? Certainly not! So don’t break the news in that way. Don’t tell him that you are going to share something awful about yourself. Don’t break the ice in a negative way because it will make your partner panic and can result in the breakup of the relation. Before you reveal it to your partner, get the complete information about genital herpes.

 how to have the talk,

How to have the talk? Telling Your Partner about Genital Herpes


First learn about Genital Herpes before disclosing it 

Get acquainted with herpes first, then prepare yourself to reveal it to the partner. Gather the answers to the entirely possible question; you think your partner will ask you. You need to justify that it is common, and you are not the only person having herpes. Some people get symptoms of herpes too early while another develops small sores on the body.

You have to use the words appropriately and don’t start the conversation negatively. Though genital herpes is a disease, saying it in a displeasure manner will raise further problems. Don’t describe the disease with words like “horrible”, “evil” or “disgusting”.

Wait For Right Time

Don’t make it too hasty to reveal the news and don’t be too conscious of the results. Never call him or her at work to discuss the report with the partner and never open this news in the family because it will put a negative impact on the users.

The right time is one which gives relaxing environment, and there is no one between you and your partner so that there is no distraction between both of them. Talk to your partner about the disease while you are going for a walk or discuss it at the dinner. Don’t break the news when your partner is expecting some fun or when your clothes are not on your body. That would be a disaster for you and will spoil the mood of your partner. Let it happen naturally when a conversation about herpes starts and you get this golden opportunity to show similar feelings like the people who are suffering from the herpes virus. It will make less severity and will not result in any disaster. You can say, my doctor had called you yesterday and wanted to share something about the results indicating the possibility of genital herpes”.

If you are dealing with the partner, you have never talked before then talk about sex before getting intimate with your partner. Discussing the herpes and the convey the information about you have got about herpes. Give some time to your partner and wait for him or her to respond. There is a possibility that your partner takes it seriously and turns out fiercely at you. So, be prepared for any possibility and don’t get offended by the remarks of your partner. Let him or her calm, give some time to think and face it like a challenge. Explaining the reasons for infection and getting the sympathy of the partner will make it comfortable for both of the partners. So, it is the best way to tell your partner about the relationship, and you will be able to continue your relationship with the facts.


How to Begin Dating After Being Infected With Herpes

So, you know you are having genital herpes and you are left out of dating with someone, right? It is no reason to stop loving and entertaining yourself.

Genital herpes doesn’t stop anyone from fulfilling their desires, and you still can make a great catch with someone.

It is important for all of us to understand genital herpes and affected a vast population of the US.

Discussing the Topic of Genital herpes

It may seem very different since the diagnosis of genital herpes on the first date. If you are getting intimate with someone soon after a few dates and want to share with your partner too early, then the just weight of time and don’t make it too hastily. Sometimes you manage to date with the partner without getting involved physically and test your relationship for some time. Wait for the right time to tell your partner that you are infected with genital herpes.

Dating After Being Infected With Herpes Dating After Being Infected With Herpes

Dating After Being Infected With Herpes

It may be before you plan to have sex with the partner and it would be wise to explain your partner and take it into confidence for going too far in the love. If you are starting a real relationship with someone, then it is better to take him or her into confidence and tell the complete situation to the person. Break the news about herpes and explain your partner that it is entirely normal to live with the condition. Judge your partner before revealing the fact and it may be possible to find about the mood of your partner. You could jeopardize your relationship if your partner gets shocked by this news.

 How to Dealing with Rejection

With herpes, you should expect rejection when dating with the partner. The person may turn wild when he gets to know that you are infected with genital herpes. Start with a sincere relationship and make this relationship limited. Don’t get intimate too early, as the person may be looking for ways to get away from the relationship, when he finds that you are living with stigma. It humiliates you before the partner and you can get more stress out of the relationship.

Dating with Genital Herpes

Just don’t lose hope and keep looking for new partners. I am sure, that you will find a person who will accept you with your condition. Surely, there are some people who don’t always want intimacy and want to get mingled with each other using the safest methods that could save both of the partners getting infected with the virus. There may be someone, who will say that he truly loves you and want to stay with you regardless of the condition you face.

There are lots of sincere people in this world, who weights relationship more than the intimacy and lust. Change the style of dating and don’t put yourself in a situation that leads to the intercourse or any kind of physical relationship. You may find a partner through herpes dating sites with the same condition as yours, so that you can spend lots of time and share your feelings while having herpes. There are lots of people living with the herpes and you find the partner of your community who will bring excitement and fun to your life.

Don’t talk about the herpes with your partner and just get in touch if you are intimate with him. Kiss him/her, taking your partners in arms and cuddling is the safest method that fulfills your desires and live a happy life dating with your partner with herpes. So, decide if you are living with this condition and spend  a happy life with the partner.


How to Overcome the Stigma of Herpes

The Herpes Stigma

Dr. Anna Wald, a professor at the University of Washington, talked about herpes and said; herpes has become a stigma in our society. Even, it doesn’t include HIV but still perceived as the social evil by many of us. People with stigma usually don’t disclose the fact because it’s shameful and considered as personality damaging fact.
Genital herpes is not something serious like HIV/Aids and doesn’t incur any complications for a fatal illness. Usually, people with the genital herpes are not considering of victims, but rather they are known as stupid, lepers or sluts.

People with genital herpes are often ridiculed for having the symptoms. Most of the individuals with genital herpes try to avoid the public and don’t want people to know about their condition.

Approximately, one among the six people has genital herpes in the United States. A vast population of Americans is suffering from genital herpes, and it is one of the major illnesses in the Western culture. It harms the people mentally and socially. People with genital herpes associate themselves with the monster, so such individuals with genital herpes are perceived as dangerous and predators in the community.

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How to overcome herpes stigma, herpes dating sites

It is the perception among the people that someone with HSV is considered as dirty while someone who has simpler herpes is perceived as clean. Though, it is clear that herpes arises due to bacteria or virus rather than clean or dirty metaphor. Many people see dirtiness in the sexual connotation, so that is why herpes has become a metaphor for the people associated with herpes.

Dealing with the herpes

Individuals with the stigma think negative about themselves and it quite frustrating to believe it to true and it is a bitter experience. People with genital herpes believe that the world for them has ended with the stigma, and it’s annoying.

However, dismal news about the virus comes from the majority of those people who only love to share stories. The narratives of people who infected from the virus are entirely different. They boldly reject the stigmas associated with the virus and struggle hard to live a normal life. It sounds more complicated to deal with the stigma and shame associated with the disease rather than treat the illness itself.

How to Overcome Stigma

  • Think of the people with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and supports them with the hearts. Appreciate their struggle for the efforts they are doing for recovering from the infection.
  • Stop ridiculing people with herpes and come forward to defend them if someone hurts them and make fun of them.
  • Pay attention to the words that have become metaphor like monster, dirty, leper or clean. Try to bring awareness to the people and start educating people around you.
  • Reject the stereotypes and avoid humiliating the people with herpes. Don’t blame people for the virus and accommodate them to live in the society peacefully.
  • Share your story if you are infected with herpes, don’t share it publically but use the internet to share your experience with the people and help others to overcome the complications of herpes. Let the people know that you are not alone in this world and herpes doesn’t end your world.
  • Help the people to protect from herpes virus and infection, bring awareness as much as you can in the society to change the stereotype world.
  • Helping the infected and brining awareness into the community about the disease is the only way to end the epidemic and promoting healthy culture in the society.